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Just One of the Stories Behind
“North of the Checkerboard”

       Some 40 plus years ago, before the realignment of The Queen’s Highway 6 on the Bruce Peninsula there was once a highway sign known as the “Checkerboard”, located just North of Wiarton, ON.

       This Checkerboard was located on Highway 6 at what is now referred to as the “Checkerboard Corner”, located at the second big curve in the highway north of Wiarton. The first big curve, which curls to the left as you cruise northbound out of Wiarton, is known as the “Mile In Curve”, as you are now a mile into the Bruce Peninsula. Approximately two miles west of the Mile in Curve, there is a large sweeping curve to the right, turning you north again. This is the “Checkerboard Corner”. Before the realignment of highway 6, the highway used to go straight into the bush where it made a rather sharp right turn, when traveling north bound. Where the highway made that sharp righthander is where the “Checkerboard” was once located. This was also before the extension of Greig Settlement Road to join up with highway 6. So, once you have passed the Checkerboard, you are “NORTH OF THE CHECKERBOARD”.

       Going back many, many years, there has been a rivalry between the residents North of the “Checkerboard” and those South of the “Checkerboard”. A couple of the nastier things those South of the “Checkerboard” said about those North of the “Checkerboard” were: – “if you are from north of the ‘Checkerboard’ you are incest”, or “What does Mar stand for?” (As in the village of Mar). Answer: – “Married A Relative”. These are just a couple of things that have been passed around for years. People today joke about ‘what happens North of the Checkerboard stays North of the Checkerboard’ or, ‘I survived a trip North of the Checkerboard’, and much more.

       Lion’s Head still has an Old Timer Men’s Hockey Team that call themselves ‘The North of the Checkerboard’.

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